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General Information

BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0 is a European conference focusing exclusively on blogging, organized by bloggers for bloggers. It's built upon the principles of the famous BarCamp ("ad-hoc unconference"). The next BlogCamp will again host an open environment at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), for a maximum of 200 Bloggers from all over Europe. We're again expecting an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction between attendees. Any blogger who wants to contribute is welcome and invited to join.

This is a non-profit event: Attending is free of charge. Watch this video to understand what the BarCamp principles are about.

What's new?

If you attended the first BlogCampSwitzerland in March: this one is going to be pretty much the same - so relax, you already know how it works. There are going to be three differences, all per request of participants of 1.0:

  • liveDEMO: One room out of the five will be reserved for demos - of new software, new websites, new startups, etc.
  • We're going to have five consecutive slots instead of four, so you get to see one more session.
  • Lunch will be provided on site to reduce stress and allow more time for talks.

If you did NOT attend BlogCampSwitzerland 1.0: You'll easily get into it! We cannot think of any excuse for not coming - again.

Help Promote BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0

Help promote BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0 - put a banner on your site and write about it in your blog!

Please use (again) the tag "blogcampswitzerland".

When and Where


Date and Times:


  • ETH Zurich, HG Building ("HG" for German "Hauptgebäude", i.e. "main building"), auditoriums HG D5.1, HG D5.2, HG D5.3, HG D7.1, HG D7.2. These are some of the finest, freshly renovated auditoriums at ETH Zurich, with brand-new audio and visual equipment.

There will be free wireless net access (WLAN). Think about securing your connection if you want to keep your passwords, etc. confidential (e.g. by using Swiss VPN)!

Please find more information further down in the Travel section.


Regular sessions

UnAgenda BlogCamp 1-0 24Mar07.jpg

Enter your name, affiliation (optional), if you want to give a presentation. You can talk about anything you like around blogging and blogs. Please note that we will NOT put together a program by assigning rooms and time slots. The final "unAgenda" will be composed by posting your topic on the spot.(*Please keep in mind this is a blog and blogging focused event. Your session should primarily target bloggers as an audience)

There will be 20 minute slots for presentations followed by about another 20 minutes Q&A and discussions. So you get around 45 minutes.

You are free to present in any language you want. English, German, Swiss German, French, Italian? Take your pick.

  • Jürg Vollmer, 10 Tipps für bessere Weblog-Texte (Readability Optimization) [de]
  • Andreas Von Gunten, Don't hack, write! Software-as-a-Service for Bloggers [en/de]
  • Leila Summa & Stefan Bucher, ½ Jahr intern "bloggen" bei cablecom: eine Zwischenbilanz.[de]
  • Roman Hanhart, Blogs am Rande des Mainstreams [de]
  • Cédric Hüsler, Geoweb - because location matters (slides & links)
  • Jan Theofel Erfahrungen aus grossen Weblogprojekten [de] Bereits bekannt vom Barcamp Hamburg und Köln: Viele Einträge mit wenig Zeit / vielen Autoren, Live-Blogging von Messen, etc. Erfahrungsbericht (Präsentation) und Ideenaustausch (Diskussion)
  • (Stephanie Booth: Why Stop at Blogging 101? (might end up being something completely different, but this is today's idea -- suggestions welcome)) not certain I'll be there I'm afraid, will be a last-minute decision
  • Jochen Lillich: Getting Blogs Done -- Mehr Produktivität beim Bloggen. [de]
  • Peter Hogenkamp (nur wenn noch Platz ist), Web 2.0-Produktivitäts-Tools (highrisehq, bemite, XING etc.) für Freiberufler und Startups. [de]
  • Michael Gisiger: Copyright, Copywrong - Radikale Stimmen zum Urheberrecht [de] (aber nur, wenn dieses mehr oder weniger OT-Thema überhaupt gewüscht ist; mehr dazu hier, Feedback willkommen) -> durchwegs positives Feedback, ich mach's ;)
  • Stefan Bucher, Das Quartettkartenspiel - Wie ich Corporate Blogs präsentierte am Web 2.0-Forum 2007 [de]
  • Christoph Lüscher, Blogs und institutionelle Medien auf Augenhöhe: erste Erfahrungen mit FACTS 2.0 [de]
  • Sacha Lemaire: (falls erwünscht) Vorstellung BarCampRhine : Internationaler BarCamp mit Schwerrpunkt interkulturelle Kollaboration auf einem Schiff von Basel bis Rotterdam.
  • Patrick Zoll, Erste Ergebnisse der Online-Umfrage zu «Podcasts in der integrierten Unternehmenskommunikation: Best Practices aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum» [de]
  • Adrian Heydecker soultank AG, Blog Usability -- Bloggen für Leser ausserhalb der Blogosphäre [de]
  • Dannie Jost interactive mashup: The Swiss Myth [en]
  • Barbara Regenass Kyte TV: User-Generated Content, Social Networks und mobile Dienste vereint. [de]

liveDEMO (max. 7 projects)

liveDEMO: One room will be for demos exclusively, on the same schedule. So whether you want to present your new world-exclusive community portal, or your free WordPress plugin, feel free.

  1. CityEngine - Procedural 3D City Modeling presenting by Pascal Mueller
  2. kooaba new and creative solutions for mobile blogging presented by Herbert Bay
  3. Swissopolis - Second Life sensation from Switzerland presented by Roman Balzan
  4. smaboo - Embedded Branding with Notebooks - The online platform where private persons are able to market themselves as media space, by Adrian Locher
  5. Anton Fessler, Dein Blog auf meinem Handy (sende audiop s an 363) - warum es sich lohnt Geschriebenes mit Audio zu würzen [de]
  6. Wuala - Distributed online storage 2.0 - by Luzius Meisser (cofounder, engineer)
  7. the pianobakery - Worlds first media asset management system for the Mac presenting by Michael Ruepp
  8. - C the difference - presented by Sven Jansen (leider hat mir gerade Michael Rupp den letzten Speaker Platz weggeschnappt :-(, vielleicht bekomme ich ja trotzdem 10min?) Streichen wir doch den unnötigen Second Life-Spam! [Sven, you can have 10 mins of my slot if you want. Luzius]

Recorded Sessions and Slides



BlogCamp Participants.jpg

Enter your name here if you're interested in speaking, organizing, helping out, or just attending. We'll hand out badges at the reception desk.

You don't have to present, but at least ask questions and be an interactive participant! If you present, you might benefit from some things to remember.

We'll have room for about 200 attendees; we'll overbook a little, if needed.

  1. William Lüthi, attending, organizing
  2. Dominik Tarolli, attending, organizing, speaking, blogging
  3. Remo Uherek, attending, organizing, blogging, running a blog marketing service
  4. Peter Hogenkamp, attending, organizing, (speaking?), blogging
  5. Anton Fessler, attending, speaking, running a audio services for corporate bloggers
  6. CyberWriter, attending, blogging
  7. Ronnie Grob, attending, assisting, blogging
  8. Roman Hanhart, attending, speaking?, blogging
  9. Corsin Camichel, attending, helping out, blogging/blogging
  10. Tom Bruehwiler, attending, lurking around, blogging
  11. Benjamin Rüegg, attending, help to spread, blogging
  12. Matthias Gutfeldt, attending
  13. Christian Leu, photo booth 2.0 ????
  14. David Burkardt, attending, having fun
  15. Andreas Von Gunten, attending, speaking
  16. Roger Levy, moviemaker, visitor
  17. Patrick Zoll attending, speaking, blogging
  18. kopfchaos attending, visitor & networking for
  19. christian röthlisberger, drinking around
  20. David Haberthür, attending, having a good time.
  21. Jens-Rainer Wiese, attending.
  22. Marc P. Bernegger attending, maybe speaking, blogging
  23. Denis De Mesmaeker, attending.
  24. sandra, attending, lurking, blogging
  25. Thomas Gemperle attending, maybe blogging
  26. Inad Realteam attending, maybe listening
  27. Philippe Surber attending, blogging
  28. Philipp Dialer attending, looking forward to being inspired once again, publishing in the SECA eNewsletter [1]
  29. Flavio Rump attending, blogging
  30. Markus Tressl attending, blogging
  31. Christoph Hugenschmidt attending, meeting friends, not blogging
  32. Greg Vernon attending, videotaping, blogging
  33. Daniel Notthoff, attending, maybe blogging
  34. Daniel Rei attending, blogging, again taking along Dolly
  35. Thomas Veit attending, maybe blogging
  36. Anina Sutter attending, blogging
  37. Simon Künzler attending, blogging
  38. Birgit Leifhelm, attending
  39. Hannes Gassert attending, probably speaking, perhaps blogging
  40. Martin Thomas Illi attending
  41. Waltraut Bellwald attending
  42. Stefan Bucher attending, maybe speaking
  43. Cédric Hüsler attending, blogging, geocoding
  44. Diana von Oertzen attending, blogging
  45. Christian Schmid attending
  46. Pascal Mueller, attending, presenting the CityEngine
  47. Hans-Ueli Wolff, attending
  48. Michael Schneider, attending
  49. Sarah Genner, attending, maybe speaking about the political relevance of blogs
  50. Michael Glünz, attending, most probably blogging
  51. Alfonso Rodriguez, attending, blogging
  52. Lena Greiwe, attending
  53. Dorian Selz, attending
  54. Christian Stocker, attending
  55. Jürg Stuker, attending
  56. Vlad Trifa,attending
  57. Ralf Fioretti, attending
  58. Martin SF, attending
  59. Roger Stellrecht, attending
  60. Julie, attending, blogging
  61. Jan Theofel, attending, offering a session
  62. Max Stockner, attending, blogging, making photos
  63. Rouven Küng, attending
  64. Claudia Stehli, attending, blogging
  65. Vera Olsen, attending
  66. Thomas Olsen, attending
  67. (Stephanie Booth, attending, speaking) not certain I'll be there I'm afraid, will be a last-minute decision
  68. Jochen Lillich, attending, speaking, blogging
  69. Joe Spencer, attending
  70. Michael Gisiger, attending, maybe blogging and/or speaking
  71. Herbert Bay, attending, presenting oo:reveal
  72. Prodosh Banerjee, attending
  73. Reto Fischer, attending, observing
  74. Stephan Marti-Landolt, attending, Finanzblog
  75. Leila Summa, attending, probably speaking
  76. Sebastian Wiedenroth, attending
  77. Andreas Wildi, attending, maybe tumblring
  78. Christoph Lüscher, attending, speaking if anybody wants to listen
  79. June von Bonin, attending
  80. Alain Leclerc von Bonin, attending
  81. Stephen Pressinger, attending
  82. Stephan Meyer, attending
  83. Sebastian Grünwaldt, attending, blogging, speaking: about Facebook?
  84. Mario Aeby
  85. Peer Dittmar, attending
  86. Nico Luchsinger, attending, maybe reporting
  87. Valentin binnendijk, attending
  88. Claudio Notz, attending (probably blogging)
  89. Leo Büttiker, attending
  90. Herbert Odermatt, attending, Personalblog
  91. Patrick C. Price, attending, blogging, maybe speaking
  92. Patrick Lüscher, attending
  93. Andreas Cahen, attending
  94. Christian Walter, attending
  95. Andreas Kapp, attending
  96. Sacha Lemaire, attending, blogging, maybe speaking
  97. Carole Hofmann, attending
  98. Rebekka Sigg, attending
  99. Sarina Tschachtli, attending
  100. Martin, observing, maybe blogging
  101. Nunzio Mannino, attending
  102. Simone Eppler, attending
  103. Thomas Birchmeier, attending
  104. Fabienne Steiner, Blogwerk AG, attending
  105. Mario Ramseier, attending
  106. Mandy Schiefner, attending
  107. Rinaldo Dieziger Supertext AG, attending, maybe blogging, maybe party around with Fabian
  108. Fabian Dieziger Supertext AG, attending, maybe blogging, maybe party around with Rinaldo
  109. Silvan Flury, attending
  110. Stefan Graf, Xing, attending
  111. Roman Balzan, attending, presenting Swissopolis (Second Life sensation from Switzerland)
  112. Aurel Hosennen, attending
  113. Jodok Kobelt, attending, maybe blogging
  114. Richard Züsli, attending
  115. Mike Herter, attending
  116. Luzius Meisser, attending, demoing
  117. Mike Herter, attending
  118. Fabian Pfortmüller, attending
  119. Rolf von Behrens, claimID, attending, providing feedback to startup demos
  120. Adrian Locher, smaboo & zimtkorn, attending
  121. Adrian Heydecker, attending, speaking
  122. Dania Gerhardt, amazee, attending
  123. Gregory Gerhardt, amazee, attending
  124. Lucas Bally, attending, maybe blogging
  125. Sven Jansen, attending, maybe presenting new php5 based blog framework Chameleon Blog
  126. Christian Brülhart, attending
  127. Christian Felder, attending
  128. Daniel Mühlebach, attending
  129. Eric Monnier, attending
  130. René Maeder, attending
  131. Marko Krause, LinkLift,Autor Grü, private blog, Xing profile, attending
  132. Jürg Vollmer, attending, speaking
  133. Antoine Johannes Kuske thinking
  134. Elena Holzheu, press
  135. Dannie Jost speaking: The Swiss Myth
  136. Thomas Merkel, attending
  137. Urs Meile, attending, blogging
  138. Michael Ruepp, attending, presenting the pianobakery
  139. Jens-Christian Fischer, attending, peddling sheep-shirts
  140. Bartosz Wilczek, attending, press
  141. Mr Chocolate, [2], attending
  142. Mrs Chocolate, attending
  143. Andrea Kriesch, attending
  144. Dani Schenker attending, blogging
  145. mds, probably attending …
  146. Chris Gopsill, attending
  147. Jacqueline Lutz, ZHAW Marketing und Kommunikation, attending
  148. Lukas Willi, Elotex Supply Chain Manager, attending
  149. Christine Hallier, ZHAW, Blog
  150. Axel Beckert, blogging, attending

List closed at Friday, 21:00. If you're not on the list, you may still come. See you tomorrow.

Please make sure you enter the spam protection after saving! Problems entering your name? Contact Peter at peter[dot]hogenkamp[at]g.m.a.i.l[dot]com.

Would love to come, but can't make it

Organizing Committee

BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0 is again organized by four bloggers and/or startup entrepreneurs. Please note that all four are doing this in their private time, so it will be in no way a corporate event hosted by any of their companies. If you don't trust us, ask Matthias Gutfeldt what it was like last time.


If you blog about BlogCampSwitzerland, add a link to your content here (photos: please use "blogcampswitzerland" as tag):

  1. BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0 am 20. Oktober 2007 BloggingTom
  2. Verkaufsmesse 2.0 Matthias Gutfeldt
  3. Logo Pasting
  4. BlogCampSwitzerland im Oktober DonRivas
  5. BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0 am 20. Oktober 2007 document.write("Markus Tressl");
  6. bloglesung(en) @ BlogCampSwitzerland2.0.....??? kopfchaos
  7. BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0
  8. BlogCamp Switzerland 2.0 (20. Oktober 2007, ETH Zürich)!
  9. Copyright, Copywrong
  10. Wieder böse Hacker am BlogCamp Switzerland?
  11. 2 Jahre BarCamp - Interview mit Tara Hunt und Chris Messina am BarCampBlock
  12. BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0 am 20. Oktober Arno Klein
  13. Blogcamp Switzerland 2.0 Adrian Locher, zimtblog (zimtkorn)
  14. Blogcamp Switzerland 2.0 Marc P. Bernegger, (amiando AG)
  15. Blogcamp Switzerland 2.0 in Zürich Marko Krause, LinkLift
  16. BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0 - Kunden-Rechte und Pflichten Finanzblog
  17. Geeks, Nerds & Co. am BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0 bei MacMacken
  18. A Short Note by Dannie Jost on uncondition
  19. Session: Vorstellung von C-Blog (Mitschrieb)
  20. Session: Facts 2.0 - Blogs und Mainstreammedien auf Augenhöhe (Mitschrieb)
  21. Session: 10 Tipps für bessere Weblogtexte (Mitschriebb)
  22. 10 Tipps für bessere Weblog-Texte: Readability Optimization
  23. Rückblick und Ausblick
  24. Rückblick und Gedanken
  25. Blogcamp Zurich in der lieben Schweiz
  26. BlogCamp Switzerland 2.0, Eindrücke by Richard Züsli careguide
  27. Über den Swiss Myth – Eindrücke der Präsentation Claudio Notz
  28. BlogCampSwitzerland 2.0 - Rückblick Adrian Locher
  29. zum Thema "Blogcamp: Trainingslager für Internet-Terroristen?"
  30. Quick Thoughts on BlogcampSwitzerland 2.0 Greg Vernon
  31. Das BlogCamp 2.0 (blogcampswitzerland) Jan Fülscher
  32. BlogcampSwitzerland_2.0 Dannie Jost Video "The Swiss Myth" Greg Vernon


A variety of online maps to find ETH:

Tram stop: "ETH / Universitätsspital", tram lines 6/9/10


The great thing about Zurich is that it's easily reachable by train and plane - it's one hour away by air from all major European cities. Some links:

Travel time from the train station should be no more than ten minutes. When you arrive at "Zürich Hauptbahnhof" (getting off the train, facing the main hall), the easiest way is to go to the right, down the escalators, a few steps through the hall, up another escalator to the tram stop "Bahnhofplatz/Hauptbahnhof": Trams 3, 14 and 10 stop here. Take the 10 (final stop "Oerlikon") to "ETH/Universitätsspital" (3 stops). You can check for the up-to-date schedule. The tram stop is located directly in front of the main ETH building ("HG" for "Hauptgebäude"). It's really as easy as it sounds...


The following section is for carpooling to Zurich/Switzerland. If you are in need for a transport please add you name and your contact details to the list. If you are traveling to Zurich and have a seat or two free in your car add your name as well and add your route. Maybe you find a nice person and your travel will be less long or boring.

I need a ride

Oliver Gassner, from Hannover/Stephansstift to Zurich. Preferably on Friday night, at around 22:00. Contact: og[at] or skype: olivergassner

<your name, from where>

I drive to Zurich

<your name, your route>


The following section is for people from abroad looking for an overnight stay near to the event. If you think it's more fun to sleep at a blogger's place than in a hotel, add you name and your contact details to the list. If you have some free space for bloggers on Friday or Saturday night, add your name as well and add your contact details. Maybe you find an interresting blogger to share your thoughts with before or after the meeting

I need a place

Sacha Lemaire from Strasbourg/France. I'll arrive late at Zürich Station on Friday evening. Contact: sachalemaire[at]hotmail[dot]com or skype: Satch67000

<your name, when>

I have a room left

<your name, when>


If you have any questions or comments, contact Peter at peter [dot] hogenkamp [at] g.m.a.i.l [dot] com.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Are there rules? See TheRulesOfBarCamp for the 'rules'.
  • Can I help out? Yes of course! At the conference, we'll need people who handle registrations, questions, and guard the T-Shirts. Enter your name under 'Participants'. Also, send an e-mail to Dominik so we have your e-mail addresses.
  • Can I present? Of course! Enter your name in the 'unAgenda'. Drop us a line if you have questions.
  • Can I present in German? What about Schwyzertütsch? English? French? Anything is fine. Please note your language choice in the unagenda.
  • What can I speak about? Anything involving blogs! The spirit of BarCamp is that you're free to choose your topic, your language, and presentation style.
  • Do I have to bring in my own overhead projector, beamer, flipchart,...? No, we will have projectors, flipcharts and power supplies. All you have to bring is fun, and optionally your laptop, and your video camera, if you like.
  • How can I communicate online and during sessions? There are several ways to do this: We have set up a public chat on Skype or you join us on our IRC channel #blogcampswitzerland [3]