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A BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. Anyone can attend, participate, and present. To learn more, go to This is a non-profit event: Attending is free of charge.

Watch this video to understand what BarCamp is about.

We're expecting 50-100 attendees from all over Switzerland and Europe. The segment of people will likely be skewed towards the tech crowd.

BarCampZurich has taken place on October 28, 2006 at ETH Zurich.

Sponsored by: Patronage:

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Thanks, everyone!

BarCampZurich was a success. A total of 99 people attended (measured by the number of badges we had before and after the event). To our knowledge, this was one of the largest BarCamps on the continent to date. Thanks, everyone, for making this happen!

Presentation Slides / Downloads

Speakers/Presenters: Please add a link to your slides here:

There where several people recording the presentations with DV-cams. Please post your videos on this page, too!

  1. Douwe Osinga: Artificial Life (link to artificial life projects) Listen to Douwe
  2. Dominik Tarolli - Quo Vadis Blogging - Lustiges Hobby oder Geldmaschine
  3. Axel Beckert - Shell Quoting verstehen
  4. Multilingual Websites by Alex Schroeder
  5. Software as a Service (SaaS) / Andreas Von Gunten
  6. The One-man Company by Christophe Dessimoz
  7. Wissenserwerb und Lernen mit Hypertext und Web-Suchmaschinen / Adrian Heydecker
  8. Microformats - Real-world Semantic Web held by Cédric Hüsler
  9. Organizing Email Listen to Gabor Cselle
  10. Der 30-Minuten-Usability-Test / Peter Hogenkamp
  11. AJAX@localhost (pdf) / Harry Fuecks
  12. Felix E. Klee: Tag Trade and Paid Learning (HTML, MGP)
  13. Nicolas Berg: Key Learnings of Starting Up 8 High-tech Companies
  14. The ASP.NET Ajax Framework (pdf), by Sascha P. Corti
  15. Listen to Sven Eppert about: How to get Funding from Angel Investors and VCs for your Internet Start-up? on Jens Schroeter's Blog.
  16. Listen to Martin Ott about direkt collaboration on Jens Schroeter's Blog.

Blogs / Photos

If you blogged about BarCampZurich, add a link to your content here.

  1. Tagged Flickr images: &
  2. Tagged Blog's (some more posts on the tags without 2006):
  3. BarCampZurich Part I Dominik Tarolli / Der erste Blogeintrag des BarCampZurich "BarCampZurich - Part I"
  4. BarCampZurich Part II Dominik Tarolli
  5. Next Shell Quoting Talks Axel Beckert
  6. Geek-Shirt statt Hemd Silvan Mühlemann
  7. Cedric Microformat Speech
  8. Peter Hogenkamp: BarCampZurich: Meine Praesentation
  9. Peter Hogenkamp ueber Wordpress
  10. Peter Hogenkamp ueber Timo Hetzel: Podcasting und so
  11. BarCampZurich - Thanks for Coming! Gabor Cselle
  12. BarCamp Zürich - Annettes Nachlese
  13. leo's persönlicher BarCamp Rückblick
  14. BarCampZurich - And Swiss are not "bünzlis" Corsin Camichel
  15. BarCamp Zurich - Part III (Fleischgewordenes Web 2.0) Dominik Tarolli
  16. BarCampZurich Report Remo Uherek
  17. BarCamp Zurich - Rückblick Andreas Von Gunten
  18. Impressionen vom BarCamp Adrian Heydecker
  19. BarCamp Zurich — Resumé Axel Beckert
  20. Barcamp Zürich Christopher Laux
  21. Encore sous le charme du BarCampZurich Christophe Ducamp (fr)
  22. BarCamp Zurich Review David Nydegger
  23. Organizing Mail in Second Life? Mein Second Life Weblog
  24. BarCampZurich: You can speak at LIFT
  25. Web 2.0 Existenzgründer in CH und D als unterkritische Masse! oder was denkt Ihr?

When and Where

ETH Zurich Diagonal.jpg

Date and Times:


These are some of the finest, freshly renovated auditoriums at ETH Zurich, with brand-new audio and visual equipment.

There will be free wireless net access (WLAN).


  1. Static location map by (HG Building is marked red)
  2. Interactive map by
  3. Interactive by

Tram stop: "ETH / Universitätsspital", tram lines 6/9/10

ETH Computer Science Anniversary

25y eth inf small2.gif

On October 28, there will be another event in the same building:

The event will consist of an exhibition and several talks by ETH researchers. Feel free to wander over from BarCampZurich.



Add your name, affiliation (optional), and your topic (optional) if you want to hold a presentation. You can talk about anything you like.

There will be 30 minute and 45 minute slots for presentations: Slots schedule. Please reserve plenty of time for discussions and questions.

You are free to present in any language you want. English, German, Swiss German, French, Italian? Take your pick.


People on the Move.jpg

Enter your name here if you're interesting in speaking, organizing, helping out, or just attending. We'll hand out badges at the reception desk.

You don't have to present, but at least ask questions and be an interactive participant! If you present, you might benefit from some things to remember.

We'll have room for about 100 attendees.

  1. Gabor Cselle, attending, organizing, helping out
  2. Corsin Camichel, attending, organizing, helping out
  3. Fabian Siegel, attending, speaking, helping out
  4. Matthias Sala, attending, let's see what I can do
  5. Gregoire Japiot, attending, helping out (I don't speak Deutsch...)
  6. Markus Egli, attending, helping out
  7. Lele, helping out
  8. Dominik Grolimund, attending, helping out
  9. Christophe Dessimoz, attending, possibly speaking, helping out
  10. Alex Schröder, attending, speaking
  11. Douwe Osinga, attending, speaking
  12. Dominik Wagner, attending, speaking
  13. Balint Miklos, attending, having fun
  14. Cédric Hüsler, attending, speaking?
  15. Remo Uherek, attending, having fun, philosophize, blogging
  16. Nicolas Berg, attending, speaking
  17. Christian Leu, attending, blogging
  18. Sebastian Kippe, attending, blogging, having fun
  19. Daniel Dalquen, attending, helping out
  20. Andreas Von Gunten, attending, speaking
  21. Keno Albrecht, attending
  22. Leo Büttiker, attending, helping out (a bit morn time now, stay the hole day)
  23. Fabian Bannwart
  24. Alexander Rossner, attending, speaking
  25. Christopher Laux, attending (speaking?)
  26. Harry Fuecks, attending
  27. Peter Hogenkamp, attending, blogging, speaking?
  28. Michael Böni, attending
  29. Carole Hofmann, attending
  30. Denis De Mesmaeker, attending
  31. Silvan Mühlemann, attending
  32. Andre Schraner, attending
  33. Christoph Schifferli, attending
  34. Timo Hetzel, attending, speaking
  35. Christophe Ducamp, attending, speaking
  36. Adrian Gauch, attending
  37. Christine Stumpf zweitgeist, attending, speaking?
  38. Dragica Kahlina , attending, maybe speaking
  39. Dylan Devillers, attending, questioning
  40. Erik Pöhler, attending, speaking?, saying: may the bots be with you.
  41. Till Kleisli, attending, helping out, interact
  42. Hans-Georg Gruber und Team, attending
  43. Sascha P. Corti, Microsoft Switzerland, attending
  44. Sven Eppert, BrainsToVentures (b-to-v), attending, speaking
  45. Gürkan Sengün, attending, speaking?
  46. Andreas Hollenstein, attending
  47. Martin Ott, attending, speaking?
  48. Lucas Vogelsang, attending
  49. David McCreery, attending
  50. Annette Schmitz, attending
  51. Olaf Schmitz, attending
  52. Felix E. Klee, attending, speaking
  53. Pierre Philippe Cormeraie, BarCampBank - Innovation , attending, speaking
  54. Yvonne Anne Oswald, attending, helping out
  55. Adrian Heydecker, attending, speaking
  56. Philippe Schoen, attending, speaking
  57. Axel Beckert, attending, speaking
  58. Mauro Calderara, attending
  59. Silvan Gebhardt, attending
  60. Laurent Haug, LIFT Conference, coComment, attending, chilling
  61. Andreas Cselle, attending
  62. Arthur van Dorp, attending, helping out
  63. Florian Walpen, attending
  64. Baptiste Pretre, attending
  65. Jean-Luc Geering, attending
  66. Michael Bumann, attending
  67. Michel Lussenburg, attending
  68. Myrto Zehnder, attending
  69. Dorian Selz, attending
  70. Roger Seiler, attending
  71. Andreas Hauff, attending
  72. Beni Bosshard, attending (maybe)
  73. John Mellano, attending, helping out
  74. Hong Zhang, attending
  75. Peter Ulrich, attending (maybe)
  76. Dominik Tarolli, attending, speaking, blogging
  77. Frank Duffner, attending
  78. Sascha Lorenz, attending
  79. Silvio Strübi, attending, speaking?
  80. Alfonso Rodriguez, attending (maybe)
  81. Jens Schroeter, attending, podcasting
  82. Urban Müller, attending
  83. Luzius Meisser, attending
  84. Patric Mueller, attending
  85. Thomas Bütikofer, attending
  86. Stephan Eggenberger, attending
  87. david haberthür, probably attending
  88. Jens Gruschel, attending
  89. Christoph Giess, attending
  90. Corsin Decurtins, probably attending
  91. Kolja Powischer, attending
  92. Bernd Bickel, probably attending
  93. Thomas Hägi, attending
  94. Basil Achermann, attending
  95. Charly Wilhelm, attending
  96. Reto Ischi, attending
  97. Alexander Sulzer, attending
  98. Felix Hürlimann, attending
  99. Nikhil Bakshi, attending
  100. Lina Martensson, attending
  101. David Burkardt, attending, having fun
  102. Madleina Scheidegger, attending
  103. Emanuel Carisch, attending, telling!?
  104. Bernhard Seefeld, attending
  105. Alexander Bub, attending, helping out
  106. Yury Melnichek, attending
  107. Sascha Rinaldi, attending
  108. Corinne Baltzer, attending
  109. David Nydegger, attending
  110. Sebastien Lambercy, attending
  111. William Lüthi, attending,
  112. Mario Iseli, attending
  113. (registration closed)


Join our IRC-channel at, channel #barcampzurich.


ZRH Airport Image.jpg

The great thing about Zurich is that it's easily reachable by train. The other great thing about Zurich ist that it's one hour away by air from all major European cities. Flights are very affordable during late October if you book early. Some links:

Supporting Organisations

Attending BarCamp is free! But we're still looking for sponsors of:

  • apero 1 (liquids, snacks) (sponsor found: Google!)
  • apero 2 (liquids, snacks) (sponsor found:!)
  • lanyards (supported by Manroof)

We're expecting 50-100 attendees.

Why sponsor?

  • Earn the goodwill and attention of many alpha geeks in attendance.
  • You'll have your company's name associated with a hip techie event.
  • As a sponsor, you'll have your name and logo listed on the event board plus the event wiki, and we'll thank you at the conference.
  • You can say a few words at the conference, if you like.

Help Promote BarCampZurich

Help promote BarCampZurich - put a banner or your site or blog! There is a number of designs and sizes to choose from.


If you have any questions or comments, contact Gabor.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Are there rules? This is Switzerland, there are rules for everything! My very own grandmother will ensure that common decency is upheld at all times. No, just kidding, see TheRulesOfBarCamp for the 'rules'.
  • Can I help out? Yes of course! We need help in organizing the event (finding a venue, sponsors, and good speakers). At the conference, we'll need people who handle registrations, questions, and guard the T-Shirts. Enter your name under 'Participants'. Also, send an e-mail to Gabor so we have your e-mail addresses.
  • Can I present? Of course! Enter your name in the 'unAgenda'. Drop us a line if you have questions.
  • Can I present in German? What about Schwyzerdütsch? English? French? Anything is fine. Please note your language choice in the unagenda.
  • What can I speak about? Anything! The spirit of BarCamp is that you're free to choose your topic, your language, and presentation style. We're a bit skewed towards the hacker / tech crowd. So far, we've had people ask us whether they can talk about their Web Hacks or the effects of caffeine on humans - of course they can!
  • Do I have to bring in my own OHP, Beamer, Flipchart,...? No, we will have projectors, flipcharts and power supplies. All you have to bring is fun, and optionally your laptop, and your video camera, if you like.