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Cathedral Notre-Dame of Lausanne
Aerial view of the EPFL campus
Waterfront view of Ouchy, just south of Lausanne

After the success of the first Bar Camp Lausanne ... here comes BarCampLausanne2

Sponsored by:


A3: main organizer

Satellite: hosting, organization

EPFL: hosting


A BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. Anyone can attend, participate, and present. To learn more, go to This is a non-profit event: Attending is free of charge. Watch this video to understand what BarCamp is about.

We're expecting 50-150 attendees from the neighbouring area and hopefully the rest of Switzerland and Europe. The segment of people will likely be skewed towards the tech crowd. But everybody is invited to participate.

First BarCamp Lausanne took place the 29th of September at EPFL, Lausanne. After it's success we are proud to launch Bar Camp Lausanne 2. If you want to read more about the first event, please have a look at BarCampLausanne

Why attend ?


  • You can sponsor BarCampLausanne2 to get visibility.
  • By registrating a new topic (see below) and attending that unconference you will lead, you are sure to meet the skills.


  • Register to participate to discussions in your preferred fields of activity. The week-end before the Forum EPFL, this is a unique opportunity to show your skills.
  • If your preferred domain is missing from the agenda, then feel free to register it take the lead.

When and Where

Date and Times

  • last update: 8 of march (confirmed) from 09:00 AM



The easiest way to get to Lausanne is by train. For international participants, the next airport is Geneva. The TSOL metro will get you to the EPFL.

Un Agenda

REMINDER: BarCamp content is made by you. Since BarCamps are built around internet and related technologies we shall have some sessions about: Web2, Web3, Internet (tech and social), Flex, SilverLight, computer science, mobile phones, etc. but feel free to propose a discussion like "does my cactus have a soul or a spirit ?" (hmmm ... I wouldn't like to be the one who prepares the slides for this one).

You can either propose a session you would like to lead, or topics you would like to hear about (someone might later choose to lead the discussion for you or integrate it in his proposed session)

You are free to present in any language you want. English, German, Swiss German, French, Italian Take your pick. Make your title explicit on that. Choisissez un titre qui indique la langue que vous souhaitez utiliser. Sceglietevi un titolo che indichi chiaramente la lingua che utilizzerete.

Also, go for discussions. We're not looking for a long series of keynotes accompanied by polished PowerPoint slides (though that's a possible option, of course). Have some experience to share? Done something you'd like to talk or discuss about? Got a topic you'd like to think about with a bunch of interesting people? You're ready to host a session.

Proposed Sessions

Add your name, affiliation (optional), and your topic (optional) to the list below if you want to hold a session. You can talk about anything you like.

Add documentation on this other page: slides, references, papers, etc. This is completely optional -- after the barcamp is OK too.

Topics I would like to hear about

If there is a topic you would like to hear about but do not feel comfortable with leading the conversation (i.e. you don't want to register in agenda above) you can add it here as a suggestion. Someone could pick it up later.

  • Life science and IT, bioinformatics
  • Database versionning (with Rails)
  • Eclipse as RCP: sharing experiences
  • Le language épicène: appauvrissement ou enrichissement ?
  • Le Web3.0 c'est comment? c'est quoi?
  • La sémantique du Web.... xhtml2.0 ou le html5?
  • Test Acid2....Acid3...
  • Location-awareness
  • Developing on the Wii platform
  • Compte-rendu de la conférence LeWeb3
  • Developing on Android platform
  • Web mobile : à quoi faire attention dans l'ergonomie pour éviter une version par navigateur ?
  • IPv6 et l'internet embarqué
  • Cloud computing & Collaborative Intelligence
  • Computer Assisted Surgery: industrial dream or real improvement in health care?
  • your suggestion
  • your suggestion

Schedule & Programm

Session Program will be made on the spot, the same day. We will arrange a board, paper and pen available for registering sessions. Please do not hold back from announcing proposed sessions: this will motivate people to come and make the event worth to attend.

Since many people are asking for it, please see here for the detailed schedule and a proposed planning


Enter your name here if you're interesting in speaking, organizing, helping out, or just attending. We'll hand out badges at the reception desk. You don't have to present, but at least ask questions and be an interactive participant! If you present, you might benefit from some things to remember. You don't have to be a seasoned barcamper to present. First-timers are welcome, in either English or French!

Please take a sec to add the languages you understand to your sign-up line -- interesting to see what language mix we'll have. Use [fr] [en] [de] etc.

  1. Philippe Rochat, [fr] [en], attending, organizing
  2. Olivier Wenger, [fr] [en] attending
  3. Salvatore Suarato, [fr] [en], attending
  4. Raoul Mengis Xhtml, [fr] [it], [Web3.0, mobility and practice] attending
  5. Mathieu Favez, attending
  6. Joel Bez, [fr] [en] [de], attending
  7. Adrian Kosmaczewski, [fr] [en] [es] [it] [Ruby] [C++], attending
  8. Olivier Tripet, [fr] [de] [en], attending
  9. Xavier Bertschy, not attending (annulation suite à des cours qui tombent ce meme jour)
  10. Yann Ringgenberg, attending
  11. Batiste Bieler, attending
  12. Véronique Moullet, attending
  13. William Candillon, attending
  14. Mickael Kurmann, [fr] [en], attending
  15. Yves Dennebouy, [fr] [en], attending
  16. François Deppierraz, [fr-vd] [en] attending
  17. Sébastien Cevey, [fr] [en], attending
  18. Philippe Rapin, attending
  19. Kirsten Halleux, [fr] [it] [en] [es], attending
  20. Mathias Coinchon, [fr] [en], attending, eventually presenting [Open software radio platform]
  21. Luc Mosca, [fr] [en], attending, making report for The Geek Show on Radio FB
  22. Matthias Brändli [fr] [de] [en], not attending, (empêchement de dernière minute)
  23. Nicolas Lachance-Benard [fr] [en] [es], attending
  24. Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil, attending, eventually presenting [ActiveRecord Power with Rails 2.0]
  25. Alan Vonlanthen, [fr] [en] [ro], attending
  26. Daniel Huf, [fr] [en] [de], maybe attending
  27. Vlad Trifa, [fr] [en] [de] [jp] [ro], attending, and eventually presenting something about the internet of things ]
  28. Michel Jaccard
  29. Luca Palli, [fr] [it] [en] [de], attending
  30. Jonathan Biolaz, [fr] [en], attending
  31. Marc Mongenet [fr] [en], attending, presenting W2ML
  32. David Anderson [fr] [en], attending
  33. Pierre De Pascale [fr] [en] [it] [de], attending
  34. Pierre Antille [fr], attending
  35. Denis Pansu [fr] [en], attending
  36. Jean-Philippe Fleischmann [fr], Design & Style attending
  37. Nicolas Favrod-Coune [fr] [en], attending, Press (Frequence Banane)
  38. Nicolas Desir [fr-vd] [en] attending, Saitis
  39. Bastien Andres [fr] [en] [--de] attending
  40. ==> fin des inscriptions
  41. Olivier Liechti [fr] [en] attending
  42. Michael Vorburger [de/ch] [de] [en] [fr] [it] [eo], attending and spontaneously presenting XO
  43. Le-Hung Vu
  44. Richard Azia
  45. Virginie Pfeiffer [fr][en][de]


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Blogs / Photos

If you blogged about BarCampLausanne2, add a link to your content here.



Please add links to photos, video, etc. you shoot during the event, and posts (written before or after)

Internet, Food, Drink and Sleep

Internet connection

A wifi and wired (limited plugs, yellow) access will be given to all participants. For obvious reasons, the access credentials won't be published in this wiki, but on site.

Information to connect with the provided password can be found here





If you're willing to give a hand during the day or help with the organization, please pick something from the list below (or suggest something else!)

  • Add something: this space is for you!

Help Promote BarCampLausanne2

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Help promote BarCampLausanne2 - put a banner or your site or blog! There is a number of designs and sizes to choose from.


Please find here the flyers:


Supporting BarCampLausanne2

Attending BarCamp is free! But we're still looking for sponsors.

If you are interested in supporting BarCampLausannes, please have look here.


Philippe Rochat

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Are there rules?
    • This is Switzerland, there are rules for everything! My very own grandmother will ensure that common decency is upheld at all times. No, just kidding, see TheRulesOfBarCamp for the 'rules'.
  • Can I help out?
    • Yes of course! We need help in organizing the event (finding a venue, sponsors, and good speakers). At the conference, we'll need people who handle registrations, questions, and guard the T-Shirts. Enter your name under 'Participants'. Also, add your e-mail to the list so we have your e-mail addresses.
  • Can I present?
    • Of course! Enter your name in the 'unAgenda'. Drop us a line if you have questions.
  • Can I present in German? What about Schwyzerdütsch? English? French?
    • Anything is fine. Please note your language choice in the unagenda.
  • What can I speak about?
    • Anything! The spirit of BarCamp is that you're free to choose your topic, your language, and presentation style. We're a bit skewed towards the hacker / tech crowd. So far, we've had people ask us whether they can talk about their Web Hacks or the effects of caffeine on humans - of course they can!
  • Do I have to bring in my own OHP, Beamer, Flipchart,...?
    • No, we will have projectors, flipcharts and power supplies. All you have to bring is fun, and optionally your laptop, and your video camera, if you like.

Useful links


Transportation and maps

Lausanne & Accomodation